Fonts and Font Scalers

Artifex® offers a competitive font and font scaler solution for our family of PDL interpreters. Our fonts are available for pre-licensing evaluation with a signed NDA. Pricing for our fonts and scaler technologies is very competitive and may be combined with our interpreter pricing.

PostScript fonts:

Level 1 and 2 PostScript-generating applications and drivers traditionally rely on the presence of a set of 35 fonts in the RIP, with a particular set of symbols available in these fonts. We offer a high quality set of type faces whose appearance closely matches that of the Adobe base 35 fonts, with the full set of traditional Adobe symbols and with compatible metrics. These fonts are Type 1 format. While PostScript LanguageLevel 3 does not specify a particular set of fonts, applications typically rely on those present in Adobe printers, which consist of the traditional base 35 with additional symbols plus an additional 101 fonts. Our base 35 PS fonts support the extended PSLL3 symbol set. If additional resident fonts are needed, we offer a API to Monotype Imaging's "UFST". The UFST provides a complete set of the 136 PSLL3 fonts.

PCL fonts:

Older HP printers including HP's LaserJet 4si have a compliment of 45 base fonts. The LaserJet 4600 printers offer the base 45 plus the base 35 PostScript fonts for a total of 80 fonts. We offer a high quality font solution compatible with the 80 font set found in the HP LaserJet 4600. Other devices offer even more fonts, and again, additional Monotype Imaging's fonts may be used.

Asian fonts:

Ghostscript's PDF, PostScript and PCL interpreters can handle Chinese, Japanese and Korean CID fonts, which may be licensed from 3d parties. Ghostscript is compatible with several font downloaders, and has been tested with the DynaFont installer and the Ryobi installer. Ghostscript can work with Asian fonts in a variety of formats, such as:

  • CIDFont format (the most popular today) including those embedded in PDF or PostScript
  • Older Type 0
  • PostScript fonts
  • TrueType format (used with the PCL interpreter)
  • Any of the above Asian fonts embedded in PostScript or PDF documents
  • The latest Morisawa CIDFonts.

Ghostscript can load the Adobe CSL (not provided). Portions of this are expected/required by some older Asian CIDFonts that have non-standard instructions.

Font scalers:

Ghostscript® PostScript and PCL interpreters feature commercial quality font scaling technology utilizing the Freetype library for Postscript Type 1, Type 2 and Truetype outlines, and a non-hinted Intellifont rasterizer (for compatibility with older PCL files that download Intellifont data). Also we provide an interface for communication with 3d party font scalers, such as Monotype Imaging's UFST (Universal Font Scaling Technology), which may be licensed directly from other vendors. These font rasterizers allow users to view and print fonts embedded in documents and downloaded fonts beyond resident font sets.

Outlines and Bitmaps

Besides today's outline fonts (mostly in TrueType), we also offer a wide range of hand-tuned low resolution bitmaps from 10 ppm for CJK. Other than Latin fonts, CJK Kanjis are not hinted for low resolution rendering, simply because it is too much work to manually optimize more than 20,000 Kanjis. That's also true for Korean Hangul; the complete Hangul syllable set comprises more than 11,000 glyphs.

Format: TrueType (Unicode) equal to OTF with TrueType flavor which can be used under MAC OS X with InDesign and Illustrator CS as well; so it is binary compatible between MAC and PC. Further codepages like e.g. Thai, Arabic or Hebrew are being integrated this year.