Artifex® is strongly committed to providing prompt and professional technical support to our customers. We recognize your products drive your company and we will do our best to help you integrate Ghostscript® software into your current or new products. A single e-mail can have our top engineers working on your issue.

If you are an Artifex customer with a current support contract:

Send your support questions, with a detailed description of the problem, to:
Please include your company name and, if possible, a test file.

If you are not an Artifex customer:

We committed to supporting the Open Source distributions of Ghostscript and MuPDF software for the community as a whole. However we do not have the time or resources to respond to the needs of individual free users. We can recommend the following place for you to look for answers to your questions:

Please check out the Ghostscript Home Page for ideas on getting help. Ghostscript software is widely used all over the world, and there are lots of people who will help you. Problem reports from end-users provide valuable feedback for us.

Please submit problem/bug reports to

We can't promise to fix every end-user problem, but we will review them all. We hope Ghostscript provides a valuable contribution to your project.