Ghostscript Technology

Ghostscript is a comprehensive software solution available for host-based applications and the embedded printer marketplace, including most PDLs (PDF, XPS, PostScript, and PCL), many raster formats, fonts, and font rasterizers.

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Ghostscript was launched as an open source software technology and has evolved over the course of 25+ years.

The open source versions are freely available on the Internet for unsupported use, including pre-licensing evaluation, but not for distribution in or with commercial products.

If you want to use Ghostscript technology for commercial purposes, you are in the right place: we develop, license and support Ghostscript software.

The graphic succinctly summarizes the comprehensive nature of Ghostscript and the variety of applications for which it can be utilized.


The Ghostscript family of interpreters offers native rendering of all major page description languages. In addition to rendering to raster, Ghostscript offers the capability of high-level conversion through our high-level output API. The Ghostscript high-level output API provides pathways to retain the object-level information and vector graphics. The resulting PDF file is small, with searchable and linkable text.



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In addition to interpreter/rasterizer capabilities, Ghostscript offers full conversion capability – the ability to convert from, PostScript to PDF, PCL to PDF, PDF to PostScript, PDF to PDF (normalizing PDF), and XPS to PDF, while maintaining high-level text, font, and vector graphics information.

Ghostscript has the most comprehensive conversion capabilities and flexibility of any software in its class

In addition to the outputs shown, Ghostscript also offers the flexibility to extend to additional formats.

We have over 2000 customer years’ experience implementing a variety of solutions for our customers. If you are in need of a conversion solution, contact us and we can help you find the solution that is right for you.

As this table shows, Ghostscript has the most comprehensive conversion capabilities and flexibility of any software in its class.

Fonts and Font Scalers

Ghostscript has a broad range of commercial quality font solutions available for use. Our solution includes PostScript, PDF compatible, OpenType, TrueType, and PCL. Ghostscript also works with Monotype’s USFT font solution.

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  • Fonts are available for pre-licensing evaluation with a signed NDA.
  • Pricing for our fonts and scaler technologies is very competitive and may be combined with our interpreter pricing.

Color Management

Supports ICC standards throughout entire workflow, allowing you to interface your color management system easily and seamlessly with Ghostscript to ensure accurate color rendering each and every time. Download white paper about Ghostscript Color Management.

Graphic Object Dependent Color Management technology provides significant flexibility for controlling color based on graphic object type (all on the same page).

  • Allows for spot color profiles as well as the traditional Gray, RGB and CMYK profiles.
  • Multiple output profiles can be specified for different object types such as text, images, and graphics to improve the color reproduction and rendering quality.
  • Download white paper about Ghostscript GODCM.

Graphics Library

The Ghostscript graphics engine is available as a separable module. This technology supports the full richness of the PostScript Language Level 3 imaging model (including gradient fills), the XPS imaging model, PDF 1.7 imaging model (including transparency), and the PCL5e/5c/XL imaging models (including RasterOp). It can be used in your application without the frontend interpreters if desired.

Ghostscript has a large number of backend file format and device driver modules that enable it to produce many popular graphics image file formats (TIFF, JPEG, EPS, etc) as well as drive a host of raster devices. Ghostscript solves complex imaging problems through its ability to convert amongst different PDL languages, (XPS, PostScript, PDF, and/or PCL).

The library can utilize a display list internally to allow for multiple processor cores to render parts (bands) of the page in parallel. The display list can be on disk or in memory, and also allows large, high-resolution pages to be rendered with a small memory footprint.

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Licensing Ghostscript

Ghostscript is available under the Open Source AGPL and commercial license arrangements

Open Source

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Commercial License

If you would like to secure a commercial license for distribution, learn more here.

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