Ghostscript software began in 1986 as a freely available alternative to Adobe's PostScript products and is now widely recognised as a premiere independent implementation of all the leading page description languages. Artifex also developed and distributes the high-performance PDF and XPS rendering engine "MuPDF".

Artifex offers the most comprehensive Page Description Language (PDL) software solution for the embedded printing and host-based markets. Artifex's Ghostscript offers all major leading PDLs including Portable Document Format (PDF), Postscript, XPS, PCL5e, PCL5c, and PCLXL, along with a combination of fonts compatible with most leading printers, award-winning screening technologies, and high-performance font rendering. Millions of users have benefited from its ability to preview documents on the screen or provide high quality raster for hardcopy output. In addition, Artifex's Ghostscript combines the tools, information and technical support needed in order to meet the reliability and performance requirements of its OEM customers.